Exercitii adjectivul

Exercitii pentru a-ti exersa cunostintele pe care le ai pentru adjectiv in limba engleza.

A) Subliniaza adjectivele descriptive din fiecare propozitie

  1. The music is low
  2. He waves the Romanian flag.
  3. The white rabbit sits.
  4. They have a blue shirt.
  5. The tired boy sits.
  6. The beer is warm.
  7. The wine is cold.
  8. The band plays a happy song.
  9. The colorful bike is nice.

B) Subliniaza articolele din fiecare propozitie, precizeaza daca este articol hotarat sau nehotarat.

  1. He plays a game.
  2. Does the dog meow?
  3. They live in a city.
  4. A teacher is teaching.
  5. We went to the cinema.

C)Subliniaza adjectivele determinante din propozitiile de mai jos:

  1. Her dress is red.
  2. We have three sisters.
  3. This is my toy.
  4. We exercise every night.
  5. They stay at my apartment.
  6. The boy wants that toy.
  7. John is his friend.

Mai jos gasesti rezolvarile la exercitii.





A-1.low, 2.Romanian, 3.white, 4.blue, 5.tired, 6.warm, 7.cold, 8.happy, 9.colorful, nice

B-1.a- nehotarat, 2.the- hotarat, 3.a-nehotarat, 4.a-nehotarat, 5.the- hotarat

C-1.her, 2.three, 3.my, 4.every, 5.my, 6.that, 7.his

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