Exercitii adverbe

Urmariti exercitiile de mai jos pentru a exersa cunostintele despre adverbul in limba engleza:


Exercitiul 1: Rescrieti urmatoarele adjective ca fiind adverbe.


1. slowly, 2. beautifully, 3. strongly, 4.tidily, 5.bravely, 6.softly, 7.coolly, 8.comfortably, 9.wisely, 10. quietly, 11. merrily, 12.busily

Exercitiul 2: Subliniati adverbele din propozitiile urmatoare:

1. loudly, 2. early, 3.already, 4.carelessly, 5.noisily, 6.outside, 7.now, 8.politely, 9.anywhere, 10. here

Alte exercitii:

Exercitiul 3: Alegeti adverbul potrivit pentru propozitiile de mai jos:

Adverbe :

  • bravely
  • outside
  • inside
  • early
  • late
  • slowly
  • quietly

Propozitii, alege unul din adverbele de mai sus pentru a completa:

  1. I ran _____________ to see how it is raining.
  2. I came _____________ so I had to wait for my appointment.
  3. They are playing Xbox  _______________, in the house.
  4. The soldier fought ______________.
  5. I am so ______________________, it is because of the traffic jam.
  6. It moves ___________________, it is a snail, what can you do.
  7. Let’s do this __________________, nobody needs to hear us.


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